Toxi-Coop Toxicological Research Centre - (TCP)

Toxi-Coop Toxicological Research Centre
10A Deres Utca,
Hungary 1124

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The organisation - Toxi-Coop is a world-class non-clinical contract research organisation located in Dunakeszi, Hungary. They offer a wild range of studies in pharmaceuticals, chemical, food additives and other compounds of interest in regards to pharmacology, toxicology, histology, pathology, cell and molecular biology and protein studies. The company maintains over 35 years' of experience, performing studies in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the OECD, ICH, FDA, EMEA and OPPTS.

Dr. Gabor Hirka is the CEO of Toxi-Coop and maintains responsibility for the scientific work and also for the development of laboratories meeting international standards.

Main Personnel Involved
Dr. Gabor Hirka, Dr. Istvan Sebestyen, Dr. Zsofia Melczer