BioContract Sp. z o.o. - (BCL)

Biocontract Sp. z o.o.
36 Ulica Zambrowska,
Poland 61051

The organisation - BioContract Sp. z o.o. is a spin-off of the Poznan Medical University. Founded in 2005 by Professor Andrzej Mackiewicz, BCL is a biotechnological company providing research and technological foundations for the development and application of biotechnology in health care and involved in the research, development, implementation and marketing of innovative bio-therapies and cancer diagnostics as well as health products including biomaterials and nanomaterials. The company owns a Bioproduct Manufacturing Plant that specialises in the contract manufacturing of advanced medicinal products for clinical investigations in the fields of somatic cell therapy, tissue engineering and gene therapy, operating according to Good Manufacturing Practice.

BCL is led by Professor Andrzej Mackiewicz, who is board-certified in clinical oncology, internal medicine and pathology and who serves as Regional Consultant in clinical immunology. He has published over 250 papers, which have earned more than 4000 citations.

Main Personnel Involved
Prof. Andrzej Mackiewicz