Fujikura Europe Ltd - (FEL)

BFujikura Europe Ltd
C51 Barwell Business Park,
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Chessington KT9 2NY
United Kingdom

Main Website - www.fujikura.co.uk

The organisation - Fujikura Europe Ltd was established in 1988 to support demand for telecommunications equipment throughout Europe for construction of fibre optic networks. Its parent company, Fujikura Ltd (FJK), is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fibre optic cables and equipment for installation, measurement and testing and the leading supplier to telecommunication companies around the globe. Fujikura also develop and produce a wide range of specialised optical fibres, optical components and modules for non-telecoms applications, including the medical industry. For over 20 years, members of both FEL and FJK have worked in partnership with leading European med-tech device manufacturers to support optical fibre-based requirements for applications including visual endoscopy, confocal lasermicroscopy, spetroscopic imaging, laser therapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT) and illumination.

Fujikura Europe will be providing to the project expert advice and professional support to product development work. Mr Robert Walker of FEL will be contributing his experience in non-telecoms applications of optical fibre products, having primarily worked with medical device manufacturers to support optical fibre requirements for the development and enhancement of their products.

Main Personnel Involved
Mr. Robert Walker