Kuopio University Hospital - (KUH)

Kuopio University Hospital
2 Puijonlaaksontie,
70211 KUOPIO,

Main Website - www.kuh.fi

The organisation - The groups of Professor Ylä-Herttuala and Professor Juha Hartikainen have a long-term collaboration and reputation in nonclinical and clinical testing of modern biotechnical applications in phase I/phase II studies performed in Kuopio University Hospital. The Department of Cardiology in KUH's Heart Center has excellent facilities for the conduction of clinical trials with state-of-the-art imaging facilities.

Professor Juha Hartikainen is a Professor of Cardiology and Chairman of the Heart Center at KUH. He maintains over 20 years experience in clinical cardiology, clinical testing of new cardiological devices and treatments, and preclinical and toxicology studies in the area.

Main Personnel Involved
Prof. Juha Hartikainen