Semmelweis Egyetem - (SU)

Semmelweis Egyetem
26 Ulloi Utca,
Hungary 1085

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The organisation - Founded in 1769, Semmelweis University is the oldest and largest medical schools and health care institutions in Hungary. Attended by ~12,500 students from 64 nations, its six facilities offer a wide range of programmes from undergraduate to doctorate level in three languages: Hungarian, English and German. The Nanomedicine Research and Education Center (NREC) belongs to the 'NanoScience Network' within SU - an independant unit under direct supervision by the Scientific Vice Dean (Vice President) of SU. Established in 2009, one of its missions has been to conduct nanomedicine research in the field of liposome R&D and nano-immune-toxicology.

Dr János Szebeni is an Immunologist and the Director of NREC, as well as an expert in liposomes and the complement system. He has published over 100 papers and book chapters, edited a textbook on the compliment system and has two granted patents, with over 18 years focusing on the role of complement in the adverse immune effects of liposomes and other drugs, spearheading the 'C Activation-Related Pseudoallergy' (CARPA) concept.

Main Personnel Involved
Dr. János Szebeni, Dr. Rudolf Urbanics